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1 12 2008
The Thinker, Rodin (1880)

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Check out this website:

(UK readers may already know this site; but in case you don’t…) is an apologetics website, put together by UCCF (the umbrella organisation for Christian Unions in the UK, affilated to IFES).

The site includes an ethics section, and lots of other apologetics resources too. The material is high quality, and it’s updated frequently. The resources are categorised by difficulty (“Introductory”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced”). Lots of them are in written format, but some are mp3s.

Here’s the site’s own blurb: aims to bring together the best possible resources for thinking about and communicating the Christian faith. Its goal is to help to prepare all Christians to provide an answer to those who deny the truth of Christianity. Whether that’s answering the attacks of Richard Dawkins, discussing our faith with a Muslim colleague or chatting about the latest episode of Dr Who with a neighbour, aims to provide you with talks and articles that stimulate you to think about your faith and its relation to the world and culture around us, and then to show how Christianity is not only true, but provides the answers to life’s biggest questions.

You’ll notice there’s a bit of a UK spin.  But most of the material isn’t country-specific. Here’s a few example articles:

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