Help me choose the cover for my book, Keep Your Greek

27 05 2010

Which cover do you prefer? I need to make a decision by Friday, so any thoughts would be appreciated. If you can tell me why you like a particular cover that would be especially helpful. Thanks!

Posted by Con Campbell

Cover A

Cover B

Cover C




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27 05 2010
Tim St Q


cover B will catch my eye on the shelf more

cover A perhaps best depicts how your intended reader might feel

cover C is a bit vague


27 05 2010
Keith Baker

I like A. It is the clearest to read and see what the book is about, for mine. The image is simple and easy to process quickly. That makes me feel like the book has a chance of helping me do something that I may have found to be hard.



27 05 2010

Cover A feels a bit outdated, almost retro 60s. Maybe that’s the oragne
I don’t like B: there are two many colours, and it looks like a tacky business-strategy book cover.
Cover C is okay, but not very exciting. The graphic is too indistinct to make much impact.

On the balance, I prefer cover A

27 05 2010
Joel A Moroney

I like C. A and B seem to be stylistically disconnected from the content of the book.

27 05 2010

Hey Con, the first one looks like a chick’s book, the second one a bit like a kids’ ministry book I have. Ergo, I vote for number three. Although I will send you two copies I just knocked up for you right now…

27 05 2010
Mike Bird

B or C mate, not A.

27 05 2010

No Offence Keithy Baker lol

27 05 2010
Tom Melbourne

B is not good – the primary colours look childish.

C is a bit depressing, with the misted windows and the guy all on his lonesome.

A is the best of the bunch – a cute retro vibe, the simplicity of the graphics and layout implying that this book won’t be a ‘dense’ read (which I assume it won’t be!).

27 05 2010
dave miers

3rd place – B. I wouldn’t buy it based on the cover
2nd place – C. It’s good, but maybe too depressing
1st place – A. Good illustrations. While demonstrating stress, the colours are more positive than C and give me hope that I can keep my Greek!

27 05 2010
dave miers

Haha. Tom and I pretty much wrote the same thing at the same time!!

27 05 2010
Esteban Vázquez

A, please.

27 05 2010
Gordon Cheng

The second and third cover are as boring as a boring thing, in fact worse, because ‘boring’ is just the straight title on a blank background, and these two covers are like that except worse, and will be more dated than they already are from now and on into eternity.

The first one is funky, love it, and almost totally irrelevant both to the content of the book and to the sort of person who I imagine would buy it, namely a fourth year Moore College student about to graduate. But who cares? As long as you like it, and you’re the author, just go with what you like. And that one is cool.

27 05 2010
Steve Bricker

Cover C

27 05 2010
Sam Freney

I vote C.

27 05 2010
David Wickiser

Definitely not B. Too childish and happy/tacky looking.
A is pretty good. Fun.
I like C the best, but it wouldn’t catch my eye as much as A.
C just shows the laborious studying that characterizes my life. Greek students are going to see that and think “hey, that is me! I’m trapped studying Greek” and buy it. The first one, they will see and say… eh… another book with a “cute” cover.

27 05 2010
Robert Murphy

C, 100% C.

27 05 2010

C expresses the need for the book!

27 05 2010

Cover A is cool and makes a good connection to computerized learning, but Cover C brings back more memories.

27 05 2010
Bob Kuo

Cover C.

27 05 2010

Cover A.

27 05 2010

cover C
most authentic

27 05 2010

B is the worst,
C is Ok, though the foggy window looks a bit dirty 🙂
A is probably the best, though I’m not wrapped in the colours.

PS – I know pretty much nothing about design, but thanks for asking my opinion!

27 05 2010

Oh gosh Con…please don’t go with B!! It looks so tacky and like the sort of book I would laugh at but never ever reach out my hand to take it of the shelf.

C is ok, but the colours are murky and a little depressing. If I saw this cover my mind would think this

“aaaargh! greek is awful and hard…run away”

A has an excellent vibe! I like the orange retro look, but think that the vibe would work just as well if the colours were tweeked a little. It (almost) makes me happy to think about greek – no mean feat! Plus, although there is wisdom in the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”…I often disregard that. If I saw cover A my mind would think this

“ooo, funky. I like orange. wonder what the back says? this author seems young and cool…must have something alright to say…”

27 05 2010
Joanne Ingham

Like A the best, its clever and retro is in. B is for kids. C is sad. I agree with Gordon Cheng.

27 05 2010
Josh Maule

Con – ‘C’ is where it’s at. I probably won’t read the book coz I don’t have Greek to keep in the first place. But I really like the subtle brown colours in ‘C’. ‘A’ is too chaotic (don’t know where to look). ‘B’ is too fluro.

27 05 2010

I think C is the traditional ministerial sweatshop where sermons are sewn together. (Or some other analogy). It speaks to people who might hurry to omit their Greek.

B is a call to people who perhaps are slow typists because of the paper on their fingers. No, seriously, it does not say anything significant to me about the meaning of the book.

A highlights the things which make us busy…. phones, travel, PC’s and chairs without desks hindering our progress. It’s in that scenario we must remember to keep/use our Greek.

My vote is for A.

27 05 2010

I like A!!! It’s clean, modern and a bit fun. The concept comes across clearly and effectively.

B is a little “self-help” looking

C seems a bit sad.. and the concept of busyness doesn’t come across very well.

27 05 2010
Neil Foster

Much as I hate to disagree with Gordo, I liked cover B out of these 3. At least it tells you what the book is about (I like the idea of using sticky notes to remember Greek) and it is not depressing like C. A is OK but doesn’t really tell you what is happening in the book- it could just be some time management volume with a catchy title (like “who moved my cheese?” or whatever it was a few years ago.)
Thanks for asking!
Neil F

27 05 2010

Hi Con,
I vote for C and then A, not B.

27 05 2010
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27 05 2010
Jason Chamberlain

I like the C the best. Yes, it is a bit depressing, but I think it does a good job of showing that learning and retaining Greek is indeed work. I think that A is too vague. I actually like B as well, but I can understand the argument that it is too childish. My vote is C.

27 05 2010
Pastor Pants

Whichever one gets the book available the quickest!

A or B for me, FWIW.

27 05 2010

C looks like something stuck in a dreary cafe because it is raining outside.
My vote is for B.

27 05 2010
Scott D. Andersen

C just because I think Keeping Greek is a serious endeavor.

Is that a picture of your own hand in B?

27 05 2010
Emma Thornett

Cover A. It captures all the things that make me feel too busy and frustrate me because I feel as if I am enslaved to them. They crowd out the important things I want to do, and also the fun things (not necessarily the same thing, although not mutually exclusive either!).

Plus it’s funky and distinctive (stands out).

Cover B doesn’t do much, although it does stand out a bit. Cover C doesn’t do much for me either.

27 05 2010
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27 05 2010

Cover A looks too 70s. Cover C looks utterly depressing. Cover B is fun and I’d buy it.

27 05 2010
Glenn Jones

Okay, I’m going to rank them in order of preference:

A – Best
C – Second Best
B – Least Best

I have to say that cover A captures the subtitle of the book well and I really like the color scheme and the circle around the Title.

Second best, C, is good too, because it gives a good picture of reality and where we might be studying one day to keep our Greek. The color tones of this cover are attractive as well.

As to B, the least best, I would have to say that I love the sticky note thing with the Greek letters, but it ultimately doesn’t feel like it would appeal to that many adults. I’m not sure that the overall look, given the type of book that it is, will be taken as seriously. Yes, it might catch your attention better, but I don’t know if it will be purchased more because of this cover design. But I could be completely wrong. I’m buying one no matter what. 😉

Cannot wait to hold it in my hands!

27 05 2010

Hey Con,

I started by thinking definitely A, as I thought it was the only one that relates to the title.

But I’ve changed my mind. Absolutely B. Most comments above think it looks tacky and it kind of does, but…

It’s bright, stands out, and grabs your attention!
It pitches alongside a lot of leadership/management/self help books – the sort of books preachers are reading cos they’ve lost their Greek!

So don’t go with 70s cartoon style and don’t go with OOs boring sepia pastelly soppy just like every other book style – BE BOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But what would I know?

27 05 2010

Does anyone besides your mother call you Constantine?
So why put it on the book?

I like the style of A best.
B looks like a business book
C looks like you are making it depressing and hard work

29 05 2010
Con Campbell

Actually, only my father calls me Constantine. If people called you “Dave”, would you put that on a book, or “David”?

27 05 2010
laura grace

A is the best of the bunch by far. Clean, retro, cute. Looks the most layman-oriented. Not married to the colors but the best overall.

B looks like it belongs in the “How-to-Homeschool” section of a really bleak Christian bookstore. I would actually plead with you not to use it.

C is the most “seminary” looking, and I do like the title font, but yeah, bit depressing.

27 05 2010
Con Campbell

Wow, thanks everyone for the feedback! This is great.

This is what I’m hearing: A is cool/funky; B is kindergarten-ish and business-ish (at the same time); C is serious.

I think I’m going to eliminate C because the content of the book is pretty light-hearted; I’m trying to get away from the serious angle (although there are some serious bits too).

I like A & B for their humour. I initially liked A the best because it’s funky and funny. My main problem with it though is that it has nothing to do with Greek. It could be the cover for any ‘busy people’ type book. I’m also not sold on the colours.

My initial reaction to B was similar to many people’s in that the colours are too full-on, or make it look a bit childish. Now I don’t mind the kindergarten look because I think it’s funny, especially when juxtaposed against the business look. I love the post-it notes with the Greek letters for a couple of reasons. First, there’s Greek on the cover! Second, it’s a transliteration of ‘Greek’, rather than the Greek word for ‘Greek’, which is funny because it implies a bit of “d’uh”. And third because it’s a hopeless way to remember Greek, and captures the idea of busy people trying to do it but failing. The book aims to help post-it note Greek learners to a better way.

I also don’t mind the business look of B because the book is kind of a self-help book. I’m not embarrassed about that. I suspect Australians dislike that the most, but for Americans it will slot into a genre that might be helpful. And besides, it’s a cheeky take on that genre anyway.

However, the colours are still a bit of an issue for me with B. If I went with B, I would suggest the colours be taken out of the title, but retained in the post-it notes.

Can I ask everyone another question: if B lost the colours in the title (or perhaps had only one heavier colour), would it work better?

27 05 2010
Danny Zacharias

Either a or b, I lean to b. I’m wondering about your subtitle though. Wouldnt busy pastors identify your target audience better? The title and subtitle as it Is now isn’t that specific. Just a thought

29 05 2010
Con Campbell

Yep, good thought, though I don’t want to exclude people who are not pastors, such as students etc.

27 05 2010
Geoff Folland

I think B speaks to the Sydney Anglican audience. I think C would have wider appeal in the US (where I am living for the next 3 months)… particularly Seattle. Personally, I like the dreariness and imprecision that the image in C conveys. ‘B’ needs to lose the business suit sleeve. I agree that it would look more serious if the title was just one bold colour.

27 05 2010

I still think my mock ups work best for you Con …

28 05 2010

i guess my problem with your logic is i would rather spend my money on a book that looks serious even if it is a bit light on. i have no idea about the US audience but B looks like a book you’d see on the discount pile in sydney.

A actually reminds me of a paternoster book i did buy, tho different colour scheme (called ‘what are we waiting for?’). if the colours were brightened up a bit it would be awesome.

i don’t know if B would work without the colour link – maybe if all the post-its were yellow (i.e. normal) and the font was changed as you suggested it might be a goer. but perhaps the US audience is just so massive it doesn’t really matter what we reckon!

28 05 2010

I like C.
B catches my eye faster, but looks a bit juvenile.
A takes awhile to decode with my eye, and is very heavy on the beige.
C can be seen and taken in easily without seeming too simplistic.

28 05 2010
Tony Wright

The question is “what is the purpose of a book cover?”.
Is it “to communicate the content of the book” – as a number of people above seem to think?
Or – is it “to catch the eye on a busy book shelf – so that people might pick it up (and then read a bit, flick through it a bit and MAYBE buy it”?

I think the second is actually the answer – and so I would go for B – it “pops” the most.
That some people think it kindergarten/self-help – might actually work for you – it will stand out from the Mounce’s and Wallace’s of the world. In fact – if you are the Greek guru you won’t buy your book – but if you know you need help – then it is the kind of book (and cover) that would appeal.

Having said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – and the subjectivity of people’s reactions will be masked by their “rational” justification for their subjective position. In the end – choose the one that makes you happiest and proudest to put it in people’s hands.

28 05 2010

Part of the trouble is that Constantine has not told us what his primary purpose and aim for publishing the book is.
If it is (a) to become famous in America and make lots of money, then the right cover may be different to if his aim is (b) help local ministers keep using their Greek in their preaching and teaching.

29 05 2010
Con Campbell

The fact that the book is about Greek should answer that question.

28 05 2010
Peter F Whyte

Definitely B. A looks a bit old fashioned, and C a bit too dreamy. B is clear and captures the subtitle well.

29 05 2010

Cover A is the best

Cover B is too childish

Cover C is too depressing

29 05 2010

Hey Con,

I also reckon you could lose the ‘Constantine R.’ for this one. And just go with ‘Con Campbell’. This is the book for the practitioner, and practitioners have short names, or names like ‘Steelo’ or ‘Mikey’ or ‘Bazza’.

Seriously mate 🙂

29 05 2010
Con Campbell

Thanks Macca, I thought about that, though I want it to tie in with my other Greek books.

29 05 2010
Mickey Mouse

But Macca, what if he WANTS to sound pretentious?
How will all those international academics he might be trying to impress know that it really is him if he puts Con on the front cover?

29 05 2010
Con Campbell

Thanks, “Mickey Mouse”. Is it pretentious to use my real name? Better than a pseudonym.

30 05 2010

Hi Con,

I think changing the colours in the title for ‘B’ would definitely make it less childish. Changing those colours clears up my problem with that impression.

Also I don’t think it really matters what version of your name you put on the book. The formality of your full name lends weight to what you have to say in the book even if the tone is lighter than in your other books. Using ‘Con’ wouldn’t stop anyone buying it though, so just do what takes your fancy 🙂

Jane L

30 05 2010
Henry Kirsch

I like the last one because I see myself in the cover, studying at the local coffee shop. This one leads me to take the book seriously, as opposed to the second cover. All the colors of the second cover reflects more of a youth culture, thus by-passing my age demographic. The first one is okay, but again not as engaging as the last one.

31 05 2010
Ben McLaughlin

Bit late to the party, but A or C appeal to me, though I find C vaguely depressing. B to me feels a bit ‘stock photo library’. No offence at all intended, that was just my innitial thought.

31 05 2010
Mike Southon

I recommend the layout and colour of C, but maybe a different graphic on top?
I would want something with the greek letters, to make it more “greeky” (not geeky)

1 06 2010
Alex Kowalenko

Cover C is the best. Covers A and B look like books on business. (And business books are the most boring books in a bookshop).

1 06 2010
DeLano J Sheffield

Cover C is the one which draws me into the most likely atmosphere of what I would be doing in attempting to keep greek that belongs to me. I mean I’d probably be drinking that same water….that is water right?

3 06 2010

Cover C. Definitely.

I’m a recent seminary graduate (3 weeks ago) and the buyer at a Christian bookstore. Cover A gives me anxiety just looking at it. Cover B looks childish. Frankly I don’t think either cover A or B would catch a customer’s eye in the store.

But cover C is almost “romantic.” I remember many a night studying my Greek (or whatever else) in the local coffee shop. That could actually be me, or any of my classmates in that image, and I’m sure our alumni, when back in town for a pastors’ conference, would pick up this book and buy it.

5 06 2010

A all the way! I think the retro feeling is good, it catches your eye (sorry Matthew, but it does) and communicates your topic (although it would be nice to see something visual that says “greek”).

B is my least favorite. Seriously, don’t go with A. it looks like a children’s book, is harder to read and generally not something I want to see on my bookshelf.

C is fine, but it is ordinary and bland. You can find variations of that cover all over a bookstore. there is nothing that stands out and nothing that screams Greek or busyness.

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