Preaching Psalm 13 (Sermon)

10 07 2009
"Where angels fear to tread"
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How would I preach Psalm 13? Typologically, some will argue that David represents the Christ as in Psalm 22, ad so this (like other Psalms) should be preached the way the NT authors use Psalm 22. Here, Psalm 13 could be preached as Jesus trusting his Father and seeing the light of salvation at his resurrection.

I would want to draw attention however to the original context of the Psalm… meaning the audience to whom it was written. If an Israelite was made to sing this Psalm or to listen to others singing it, would the sole purpose be to magnify the king and his right response to God? Would it not also be that the king’s example would resonate with issues faced by those singing/listening. The center of the Psalm itself seems to be a right heart with God – not worrying troubles themselves – is the way to have confidence.

In this sense, I struggle with the thought that the original poetry of the psalm as it highlights the importance of the heart, would in a sense disappear as it does in a purely Christological reading. I would think rather that while David’s type of Christ should be emphasized, so too should his example of faith.

How then would I preach this? I would want to emphasize what the Psalm emphasizes: that troubles, no matter what they may be, should always direct us first and foremost towards God. Provided our confidence is in him you can have joy and anticipation that he will deliver you. Ultimately in the present this means we must put our faith in Christ, who is God’s deliverer for us. When we put our trust in Jesus, God’s savior, we can have utter confidence of his salvation.

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