Conversation with an Atheist Friend (07)

4 05 2009
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Me: When you say there’s only the bible, that’s a cheap dismissal, since the documents were circulated separately and only compiled hundreds of years later. So to dismiss it out of hand is like dismissing the books in a library because they are all housed in the same location.

I’m not sure how else God could evidence himself to people – 1) have predictions about Jesus’ coming hundreds of years in advance (we have records from Isaiah dating from significantly before Jesus was born) ; 2) have paradoxical predictions (king, yet he’ll suffer and die) so the Jews themselves were struggling to understand, but in the end it ties together, to show it wasn’t just made up; 3) be born at a moment when so many factors were conducive to the spread of such a message from him (common language, pax Romana); 4) have philosophical thought near its pinnacle so that his life and how it fit in could be best interpreted (BTW, both “modernism” and “postmodernism was around in the first century); 5) God come as a human so we could relate to his testimony; 6) Ddo miracles so that he might prove he was more than a man; 7) be born in such an unbelievably low estate to prove that the resulting movement was not just political; 8) choose only 12 lowly fishermen and leave it to them to carry on, to prove it was not a human thing; 9) have it happen in a period of time where the accurate recording of history and representation of people was considered in the highest possible light; 10) get four different records from four totally different people about the testimony so people after could know it was true; 11) get records of the development of the first Christians (including their letters) to show it wasn’t just a people thing; 12) have the testimony of average Jo Christians today (whatever you might say) and have them change from bad people to good – check out the Welsh revivals of the late 1800s some time – official records that there was no violent crime tried in the entire country for one year. The mines closed down because the horses couldn’t understand their masters any more because they had stopped using foul language. Supernatural change in people’s lives

You go on about a lack of evidence, what evidence do you want? What exactly could God have done more that what I’ve just mentioned? Ponder it just 30 seconds before you answer. Maybe put his design throughout the world so that any plumber Jo can see it and believe and so that lots of scientists past and presents have seen it too as they researched? Not exactly sure what evidence you’d expect? A personal visit… we both know you’d do the David Hume thing.

What interests me is how adamant you are about it being untrue. If only you were a little more ponderous it would at least give the appearance of objectivity.

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