Conference papers I’m giving this year

4 05 2009

italy-rome-colosseumjpgFor those who may be interested, I’m giving the following papers at the following conferences this year. Come and say hi if you’re around.

In Sydney:

The Paradox of Paul Conference, Society for the Study of Early Christianity, Macquarie University

A Disconnected Epilogue?: The Relation of Ephesians 6:10–17 to the Rest of the Epistle.

Ephesians 6:10–17 has sometimes proved a conundrum for scholars who seek a coherent reading of the epistle. The main themes of the letter–participation with Christ, salvation, unity, church–do not appear to intersect with the picture of spiritual battle that is found in its closing section. Is 6:10–17 an epilogue that bears little inherent correspondence to the preceding five chapters? Or does it consist of subtle ties that require elucidation? This paper will argue that 6:10–17 is, in fact, inextricably woven from the fabric of the Epistle to the Ephesians. By exploring the notions of eschatology, corporate personality, and participation with Christ, this paper will seek to demonstrate that 6:10–17 not only coheres with the rest of the letter, but is in fact a compelling and masterful conclusion to this magisterial epistle.

In Rome:

Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting: Hellenistic Greek Language and Linguistics

Breaking Perfect Rules: The Traditional Understanding of the Greek Perfect

For some time, scholars have questioned the traditional Aktionsart understanding of the Greek perfect tense-form. The understanding that the Greek perfect communicates a past action with present consequences has come under fire from various quarters and for various reasons. While Greek scholarship is yet to reach a consensus on what the perfect does communicate, one issue that has almost reached the level of consensus is that the Aktionsart understanding is flawed. This paper will suggest that, as a community of scholars who are engaged with Greek, now is the time to leave the old behind. We may not yet see eye-to-eye on what the successor should be, but, it will be suggested, we now know enough to agree on this point. Rather than rehearse the various arguments that have been leveled against the Aktionsart approach to the perfect, most of which are easily accessible, this paper will mount a new type of argument against it. The argument is simple: translators choose to translate the Greek perfect “against the rules” most of the time.

Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting: Paul and Pauline Literature

A Disconnected Epilogue?: The Relation of Ephesians 6:10–17 to the Rest of the Epistle.

(same as above)

In New Orleans:

Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting: Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics

Verbal aspect in the Synoptic Gospels: idiolect, genre, and register

The Synoptic Gospels employ verbal aspect with varying patterns. From Mark’s frequent use of the historical present through to Luke’s sparing of the perfect indicative, the Synoptics provide a valuable case study through which to examine the use of verbal aspect within Greek narrative. This paper will explore the nexus between idiolect, genre, and register with respect to verbal aspect as it is employed within the Synoptics.

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4 05 2009
Mark Earngey

New Orleans?? What a fantastic coincidence for a Jazz artist… Perfect!

4 05 2009
dave miers

happy to help with the breaking of any greek rules 😉

4 05 2009
Michael Bid

We’ll have to get you up to the Tyndale Fellowship and British NT Conference one year as well! Actually, if you’r doing Intnlt SBL, TF isn’t too far off.


4 05 2009
Con Campbell

Mark: It’s a tough break, I know.

Dave: lol

Michael: Would be happy to oblige!

8 05 2009
The Gazman

I actually had a great theological discussion with about a dozen or so who gathered around very late one night at Preservation Hall in New Orleans (N’Orlins is the correct pronunciation I believe) back in 1989.Wonder if that fine venue still stands? … Funniest moments included watching the very old trombone player taking grandpa naps in his chair between solos…

10 05 2009

I will be in New Orleans at SBL this year. Look forward to the paper.

11 05 2009
Con Campbell

It would be good to meet you, redpooba. Will that be on your name tag? 🙂

11 05 2009

Probably not, but if they let me I will. I was actually going to request meeting you, but I was going to wait to see if you like my Ephesians paper that is being finished soon. But it would definitely be a pleasure to meet up.

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