Advanced Greek (02)

6 04 2009

alpha_omega_logo_bw_small2. Course outline

We have two hours a week in our Advanced Greek class. One hour is given over to the discussion of theory. Part of that involves reviewing and discussing the set reading, and part of it involves delivery of theoretical content.

The second hour is given to reading Greek text together in close detail, while seeking to apply the theoretical insights we have been exploring. In term one, we’re reading 1 Timothy; in term two we’ll be reading from a variety of non-biblical texts.

Here’s an outline of our first term:

1. Introduction (including a brief history of Greek scholarship)

2. Linguistic Theory

3. Lexical Semantics and Lexicography

4. Verbal Semantics (mainly deponency)

5. Idiolect, Genre, and Register

6. Discourse Analysis I

7. Discourse Analysis II

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6 04 2009
Joe G.


Thanks for the update. Are you using the book that you posted a picture of as the course textbook? I’ve just finished reading your book on verbal aspect, which I really enjoyed.


6 04 2009
Con Campbell

Hi Joe,

We don’t have a set textbook for the unit, as we are reading from several texts. I’ll post our set readings and bibliography in due course.


PS – glad you enjoyed the book!

6 04 2009
Mike Aubrey

I was just going to ask what you use for readings in verbal semantics/deponency, but I’ll wait until you post them.

That’s a whole lot of ground to cover! And I’m sure it nice to be able to do it in a year rather than a semester.

6 04 2009
Kyle Clark

I wish I were taking that class. I look forward to seeing the readings and bibliography.

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