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8 02 2009

img_paradigmaticiconA new tool.

I want to let you know about a new software tool developed by a student at Moore College, Sam Freney.

It’s called Paradigmatic and is designed to help with reviewing and testing paradigms for Greek and Hebrew, which will be of great help in relation to practicing your paradigms.

It’s only for Macs at this stage. It’s free. Get it here.

I think Sam has done a great job, and while there may still be some kinks, please check it out and give Sam your feedback.

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8 02 2009

I was afraid of this. Looks like the Freney global takeover has begun…

Next phase: watch for Paradigmatic becoming self-aware, parsing imperfectively encoded tense forms by itself.


8 02 2009
Mikey Lynch

Thanks for the link. Enjoying your posts on ‘Keeping your Greek’ a great deal, thanks.

9 02 2009

Con, I’ve been enjoying these posts too – even though i have very little greek (it’s been getting better because i taught a class with my boss last semester on the “literary bible” and he employed lots of Greek illustrations – which meant i had to get better!)….actually, i have been sending the links to students whose Greek is far better than mine who i thought would find something of practical benefit!

9 02 2009
Mike Aubrey

A year ago, I might have protested this one, but after all the work I’ve been putting into morphology lately, I cannot agree more.

9 02 2009

Con, thanks for the plug.

Please do check it out, and as Con said, let me know what you think. There’s a ‘contact’ link within the program itself.


16 02 2009
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